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Patterns that can be made with the 3 piece, 2 piece, and 4×8 pavers.
Color: Charleston Pearl

paver patterns


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New Sierra

new sierra

Charleston Pearl

charleston pearl


Shrimp Boil

shrimp boil

Gold Coast

gold coast

Spartina Blend

spartina blend

New Carolina

new carolina

Sweet Grass

sweet grass



Fire pits

Diameter: 32" inside; 46.5" outside
Height: 16"

round fire pits

4"×8" 60mm pavers

Colors: Charleston Pearl and Shrimp Boil
Pattern: Basket weave

6"×9" 30mm paver

Color: New Sierra

6x9 30mm paver

White Old World Tabby

porcelain tile 24"×24"×3/4"

Hardeewall 15¾"×7¾"×4"

Jumbo retaining wall 16"×12"×6"

We are a distributor for Low Country Paver, a hardscape manufacturer in Charleston, SC. You can look here for their full selection of paver colors.

We can sell by pallet or by partial pallet. We don't charge a fee to split a pallet.

Contractors can return pristine, excess pavers for a refund.