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Sabal palms 11-14 ft tall

sabal palms sabal palms

Pindo palms 7 gallon

Height: 3.5'

7 gallon pindo palm

Pindo palms 25 gallon

Height: 5.5'-6'

25 gallon pindo palm

Coconut palms 7 gallon & 13 gallon

To keep Coconut palms in our region, they need to be moved into a greenhouse when the temperature falls below 50°F. So to keep them portable, they need to be kept in pots, which limits their growth too. This means that they wont grow large enough to produce coconuts. They can only be used for decoration here in southeast North Carolina.

7 gallon coconut palm 13 gallon coconut palm

Sago palms 7 gallon

sago palm

Palms need sandy, well-draining soil to survive. If your planting spot has hard, clay-heavy soil, a larger hole needs to be dug and filled in with a layer of sand before planting the palm.